Food Festival

This was a logo i created for an exam where the assignment was to make a design manual for a food truck festival in Trondheim, Norway. I had to make a logo, a simplified version of the logo, pictograms and poster.

My idea to the logo was to combine the name of the festival which was “Food Truck Fest” with an illustration of an actual food truck. If you look closely you will see that it says “Trondheim” on the truck, which is where the festival was going to happen. The reason I wrote it on the truck was so it could be easily switched to name another city if the festival was going to be in another city. 

This is a symbol, which is a simpilyfied version of the logo. It has to have a minimal design but still be recognized and represent the festival

Here are the pictograms i designed for the festival. Each of them are supposed to show represents where for example the trash, parking and WC is.

Sports Competition

This is my idea for the Winter Olympic Games in Beijin, 2020. This was my graphic design exam in my second year of High School. The assignment was to make a design manual for a sports event and I chose the Olympic Games. 

My idea was to create a logo that both represented the year “2022” and a winter sport (skiing). 

Here are pictograms I made for the event. The pictograms represent different winter sports like ice skating, hockey and bobsleight while having the same style as the logo

Cafe impresjonisten logo

Café logo

A café logo consepet created by me (Charlotte Tran) and Vibeke NL. The café’s theme is inspired by  french impressionism. Our idea behind the logo was from the national flower from France with a colorpalette inspired by impressionism.

Cafe impresjonisten visittkort

Company logo

This is a logo I made for Tømrer Pettersen. Tømrer Pettersen is a carpenter company based in Sortland, northern Norway. I was asked to remake the logo and make it represent house building and carpentry 

My idea to the logo was to have it minimalistic and use the “T” as the main subject. The “T” represent a roof of a house and a hammer. 


Blå Makerspace logo med svart tekst, vertikal

Logo for Makerspace UiA

 This is a logo i made for Makerspace UiA at University of Agder. Makerspace is a place where students can get accsess to advanced lab equipment as 3D-printers, laser cutter and CNC-machine. The logos colors was inspired by a 3D- printers color and in a 3D style to represent one of the equipment that Makerspace UiA offers.