Bachelor Project, Brand Redesign

Nice To Meet U

En samling av ulike grafiske elementer og fotografier for kafeen Nice To Meet U.


For my bachelor project Vibeke Ngo Luu and I partned up with the café Nice To Meet U in Oslo, Norway. Nice To Meet U is a bubble tea café that launched its first café in 2021 and currently has three café locations in Norway. The café has been very popular among the younger generation, but due to a lack of visual identity, they have had difficulty reaching out to their customers on digital platforms.

The goal of the project is to establish a visual profile with a guide so that the café can maintain a consistent style across physical and digital platforms. The purpose of the project is to define the café’s identity by maintaining a common thread through all design choices. If the café expands further, it will be recognizable, and new customers will be able to find comprehensive information through the website.

A 3D duck waving

Goal 1 Visual profile

    • Create a cohesive visual profile that can be utilized by Nice To Meet U.
    • Expand the cafés primary  logo and simple color palette and create a complete guide and universal solutions for graphic elements.
    • Execution will be carried out with close communication with the café and produced using programs from Adobe Creative Cloud.

Goal 2 Website

    • The group aims to delve into website development and design it based on a specific style.
    • The goal is to make information easily accessible to customers and provide editing options for the café.

Click below to see an example view of the website

    Goal 3 2D & 3D Maskot

      • Create new solutions for café marketing.
      • The purpose of the mascot is based on the customer’s desire for a unique character and to differentiate them from their competitors.
      • The mascot design was created using the drawing program Procreate, and for in further development, a 3D model of the mascot was developed through Blender.

      Goal 4 Product images and video production

        • Take product images of the beverages and create a guide for the café’s social media, as well as produce a video as promotional material.
        • The goal is to have a theme on the café’s social media for a more eye-catching appearance.
        • Expected results include increased customer engagement and an increase in the café’s follower count.

      Goal 5 Analysis of solution effectiveness

        • Gather information from social media and sales.
        • See a increase in exposure based on the new marketing solutions.