Isometric graphic Food truck festival poster

Event poster

A poster for a fictional food truck festival. My idea to this poster was to create a scene incorporating the logo using the same style, isometric. The festival was going to be outdoors so for the scene idea i thought it would be perfect to have it in a park with picnic tabels and trees.

Take a look the design manual below.

If your interested in using this poster for your event, contact me!


Infographic Infographic about my bunny

This is a infographic about what my bunny can and cannot eat, and other information about when to feed and clean his cage. The idea behind this infographic was that I could give this to my bunny sitter, or have it at home in case I were unsure if my bunny could eat something.


 This poster is a campaign against cannabis, targeted at students. What you see on the poster is a frustrated student because he can’t focus and concentrate, and on the test it says side effects you can get from cannabis. 

This poster was a group project where we had to come up with a concept and slogan which was “NOPE” (to cannabis). Each group member had to make a product for the campaign and use the same logo.

*The logo was not designed by me.